Tuesday, October 9, 2018

This Is The Holy Grail

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Some of the best AdWords managers are ones who learned the craft by running campaigns for their own businesses – with their own money on the line. This is the holy grail. You can learn all the tricks and strategies available, but playing with your own money (and losing) gives you a much deeper understanding of how AdWords really works.

People who learned their lessons the hard way, and then learned all the tricks and strategies available, tend to be great campaign managers.

The most important thing to look for in a campaign manager are the results that are produced. No matter how good someone’s testimonials are, or how highly recommended they come, you need to look at the results of their work. Performance results trump everything.

At a minimum, you should know how much profit your campaigns are generating for you compared to how much you are investing. If you’re considering hiring someone who requires a contract, make sure there is an easy way out of the contract if your account is not performing well and generating profit.

To learn more about my company’s AdWords management services, visit:


I dont have time to help everyone personally, but will review everyones request. If you dont have the type of campaign Im interested in managing myself, there are many capable people in my Business Builder Mastermind group and Ill be happy to refer you to the right person.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Some people also use link popups to send people through the affiliate link

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Some people also use link pop-ups to send people through the affiliate link. They may set the pop-up to appear after a certain link in the website is clicked. Upon clicking the said link, another window or tab will open. This works both for desktop and for mobile browsers. When the pop-up opens, the affiliate link is triggered and the affiliate landing page starts to load.

This process of sending traffic to affiliate programs is also problematic. Aside from being prohibited by most affiliate programs, browsers also tend to have pop-up blocking technology. This prevents most of the pop-ups from opening even when the right link is clicked.

The recommended way of gathering traffic for your affiliate programs is through the use of content marketing. Simply put, content marketing is the process of gathering internet user’s attention by using different types of content media. One has the option of using text, audio, images, videos or a combination of all these to invite people to go to your website.

News websites are a classic example of websites that use content marketing. They create news articles and accompany them with videos and relevant images. After creating them, they post their content in their social media properties. They spread their news articles through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media marketing platforms. When a person interested in the news sees the article, the headline and the accompanying image should compel them to click on the link of the article. This will lead them to the news website.

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