Sunday, December 30, 2018

In Other Words Back It Up

To make a password reset disk, type in “password reset” from the search box or Cortana and follow the prompts to make the password reset disk using a USB flash drive. (And no, we don’t know why they call it a reset “disk”). All you need to do is insert a USB flash drive, type in your current user password, let it do its thing, and then store the flash drive in a safe location. Then, if you forget your password and enter it incorrectly, you will notice a link under the password box that says Reset password (figure 7.11). You will be prompted to connect your password reset flash drive and have your password recovered. You will also be shown your password hint, which is hopefully enough to get you to remember what your password was.

Figure 7.11


When creating a password reset “disk” on a USB flash drive, make sure you don’t need to keep any of the information on that drive because it will be wiped out in the process. In other words, back it up!

Chapter 8 – Microsoft Edge Web Browser

One of the most popular things that any computer user will do is browse the Internet. In fact sometimes that’s all certain people will use a computer for! Web browsers have been around as long as Windows has been around, and there are plenty to choose from such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Even After 911 It Took Weeks To Figure Out What Was Happening

“Even after 9/11, it took weeks to figure out what was happening. These cyberattacks look like they’re coming from Russia, the Middle East, China, Brazil, Europe, even from inside the US itself—”

“Enough!” demanded Susie, raising her fork. “Come on, now, can we please find something else to talk about?”

“I just—” Rory started to say, but Susie cut him off.

“The power is back on, something I forgot to thank God for,” she said with a smile, “and all this will probably be over tomorrow and you can talk your heads off about it. But I’d like to have a nice, normal Christmas dinner, so, please.”

“Isn’t this a fantastic turkey?” said Chuck loudly, changing gears. “Come on, a toast to our beautiful wives!”

I raised my glass together with Chuck and Rory.

“To my beautiful wife,” I said to Lauren. She met my eyes, but then shifted hers down. Reaching over, I tried to turn her chin toward me, but she shrugged away.

“What is it?” I whispered.

“It’s nothing.” She met my gaze. “Happy Christmas.”

I drank from the glass of wine I’d been holding up, but Lauren barely took a sip from hers.

“A Merry Christmas to you too, baby.”


“Just for a minute?” I asked again.