Thursday, January 24, 2019

Press this to turn your iphone on


The Basics

The iPhone XS raises the bar for smartphone technology, but it’s just as intuitive and delightful to use as all previous iPhones. This chapter will cover the very basics of using iPhone XS. You’ll discover its gestures, how to access Control Center, and much more.


iPhone XS Hardware

So you’ve unboxed your iPhone, and it’s a stunning piece of hardware. Here’s what all of it’s buttons and ports do, and what you get included in the box.

iPhone Hardware

  1. Power/Side Button. Press this to turn your iPhone on. You can also double press it to enable Apple Pay, or hold it down to activate Siri.
  2. Volume up/down. Press these to alter the volume of audio on your iPhone, you can also use these to take a photo when using the Camera app.
  3. Ring/Silent. Flip this switch to mute your iPhone.
  4. Speaker/Microphone.
  5. Front-facing camera. For the best selfies, look into this small lens when taking a photo.
  6. Microphone. Try not to cover this up when making a call.
  7. Lightning Connector. Plug your Lightning Cable into this port to charge your iPhone.
  8. Stereo Speaker.

Included in the box:

  1. EarPods. They’re actually pretty good, but they don’t block outside noise. To use these simply plug them into the Lightning Connector on the bottom of your iPhone.
  2. iPhone XS. Nothing more needs to be said.
  3. USB cable. Use this cable to charge your iPhone via the...
  4. Power Adaptor. Plus this straight into the wall.
  5. Documentation. Not pictured here, but it looks like a small white pocketbook.